Friday, February 26, 2010

Lemuria - The First Collection


Lemuria, a pop-punk/indie band from upstate New York, is one of those bands who put out a large amount of material long before they ever recorded a full length. Splits with Kind of Like Spitting, The Ergs!, and Off With Their heads, as well as their extensive touring and friendships with people in seemingly every city across the country made them a favorite amongst pop-punk fans even before they released Get Better, their proper full length album.

The First Collection is a compilation of most of Lemuria's recordings from before Get Better. The dual male/female vocals, the obvious influences from several genres, and the undeniably adorable lyrics make this one of my favorite bands and releases of right now. In most cases, using the word "cute" to describe any band that somehow fits into the "punk" genre would be an insult, but in the case of Lemuria, cute is exactly the right word to explain why this band rules. Check out this earlier stuff, and then get out and go see Lemuria as soon as you can.

Lemuria - The Oragamists

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  1. Yes! I've been obsessed with this band for the past several months. 'Get Better' was the first thing I heard from them, and is still my favorite. But all their stuff is good.