Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moment - Moment EP

Moment holds a certain nostalgia for me. A Boston based emo/melodic hardcore/pop-punk outfit that really took off in the scene just as I was starting to look beyond my Drive-Thru Records compilations, Moment put out not just some of the best stuff in the Boston area, they put out some of the best stuff from anywhere during their time.

While the band put out several releases, including a full length album titled Songs For The Self Destructive,my favorite was always their self titled Moment EP. The five song EP clocks in at just 12 minutes and 16 seconds and has only one song over 3 minutes long, assuring that none of the emotional and melodic songs have a chance to get old. The song structures and pace change constantly, and the vocals switch between melody and screaming seamlessly. This is emo/melodic hardcore done right.

Moment - To Cancer

Buy their full length Songs For The Self Destructive

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