Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rookie Lot / Yearly - 7" Split EP

Both Rookie Lot and Yearly were Long Island/New Jersey emo/punk/melodic hardcore bands with extremely short lifespans. Formed during the late 90s, neither of these bands made a huge impact and dissolved relatively quickly. So what makes this release so exciting? Well, consider the bands that the members of both Rookie Lot and Yearly went on to form or join. After The Rookie Lot disbanded, Jesse Lacey, Garrett Tierney, and Brian Lane formed Brand New. Brandon Reilly went on to found both The Movielife and Nightmare of You. Alex Dunne joined Crime In Stereo. From Yearly, Eben D'Amico went on to join Saves The Day, and the rest of the members formed The Stryder. Swallow all that at once.

This 7" Split EP features two songs from each of the bands. Both of the Rookie Lot tracks are obviously heavily influenced by Lifetime and Saves The Day, a direction which would continue with the bands that formed out of it. The Yearly's songs are both raw, but they showcase an obvious talent both technically and in songwriting that made them a potential emo super-group that may have broken up too soon. This release is very rare (only 1000 pressings were ever made) and it isn't easy to even find mp3 copies. Enjoy!

Rookie Lot - Anime

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